What could AIG have done differently to prevent its failure and subsequent bailout?

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Answered: AIG's Bouses....

Largest welfare cheques written in the world for individuals. Unusual activity to run businesses poorly, then have the government hand out cash, then cut cheques that do not relate directly to the business for staff. Odd stuff.

Answered: Dodd Does It Again !! Voted For AIG Bonuses To Be Exempt ! Why ? Look At

This is why Tim Geitner was the ONLY person who could get us out of this banking crisis and had to be approved the day he was appointed! He's done a fine job, since it was HIS responsibility to know this (and he did) before the bank bailout (which he engineered) was ever put into place! And Dodd ...

Answered: AIG Bonuses are they valid?

Please allow me to answer my own question...this is my thoughts.... I was against the bailout to begin with. They should have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and let the chips fall where ever they may fall. Since a bailout was authorized, transparency should have been established before the bailout ...

Answered: Government Bailouts

Federal judge deems part of Obamacare unconstitutiona l A federal judge in Virginia has determined that the part of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul that requires all Americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson ...

Answered: AOL IMAP SSLServer Timeouts, Login Failures

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WOW what a bailout!!!

well I admit my plan is not perfect,but the only way to boost this economy is to put some of the money back in the hands of the working people. you are right about loans that should have never been made but we are there now!we have to fix it are we are all going to lose and after all so far their ...