what cookware can be used on NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop?

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Answered: What type of cookware should be used on a glass cooktop?

Check it online with http://www.jjhouseholdemporium.com/ for good tips.

Answered: Cast iron cookware on ceramic glass cooktop

Yes, it's safe to use cast iron cookware. Since your stove will have flat eyes you don't have the heat on as high as you would on the round eyes on most regular stoves.I love cast iron cookware because chicken or corn bread comes out so golden brown. It should have stated the best cookware to use in ...

Answered: Comments on jenn air electic cooktops

I've had mine 15 years and I'm satisfied with it. Considering the design of my kitchen it was the only alternative to a large vent hood above the cooktop. I suppose a vent hood would have been more effective in removing heat and cooking odors but the Jenn-air has performed well and I do not regret ...

Answered: Nuwave oven

If you go to their site https://www.nuwavecookingclub.com/Product/parts.asp and scroll towards the bottom of the page you can download a few guides free. They also offer some recipe cards and cookbooks for sale. Hope this helps!
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