what comments were made by revolutionary leaders about thomas paine's common sense?

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Answered: Thomas Payne's Common Sense Video ...Good For Today!

He looks good for someone that's 270 years old.

Answered: What is the pain medication roxyquill used for

The Physicians Desk Reference shows no drug named Roxyquill so apparently it is used for nothing because it doesn't exist.

Answered: Why is Tadpole unable to answer common sense questions? See the comment

Obviously no Democrat is well enough educated to answer the questions, therefore our fearful and discredited Democrat is down to childish games, panic, and dishonor. That is the common lot of all panicky leftists and hate filled Democrats. That proves that Democrats really are only to be pitied ...

Answered: Why can't I comment or reply to a comment on an ...

me too,can we not get an answer for this,I hate aol.

Answered: Why can't I comment on a news post or rate other comments?

Can I now use my Huffington Post account as before?
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