What colors go good in a kitchen with oak flooring and white cabinets?

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Answered: Ratings of kitchen cabinet manufacturers?

There are many choices out there from fully custom like the manufacturers you mentioned to semi-custom and online stores, like WholesaleCabinets.US who offer a wide variety of cabinet choices, all online so you can shop at your leisure and purchase right then and there. Companies like ...

Answered: Assembled Vs Ready To Assemble Cabinets? Which one to choose?

Made my choice Ready to assemble Cabinets are more affordable comparatively.

Answered: How difficult is it to remove white paint from ...

There are professional companies who can get this done for you. Depends on the extent of work of course.Please make sure you give them an estimate of what you want to spend on this project.

Answered: How much could a nice set of cabinets cost for a ...

It mainly depend on size the price on per square feet or quality different quality have different price and i think you should choose costly things those are so much well. http://www.cabinetsense.com/cabinets/index.php

Answered: Kitchen cabinet color

if you have white cabinet stay away from beige stay within the cool colours ,opt for a light grey counter top since you are putting blue tiles on the back splash ,go for a white and gray floor finish instead. unless this kitchen is closed you should go this way, but if it's an open concept it will ...
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i suggest to use a lighter color to make your kitchen cabinets look neat and nice.

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Thanks Corey22. I have thought about those ideas also but I still have plain flat doors.

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You can remodel your kitchen with childproof locks that can prevent them from accessing the products that are available in the cabinet. You can find tips in the online to enhance the safety tips in the cabinets too. If you want some safe and beautiful white kitchen cabinets, then you can make use ...

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The size is really irrelevant. Yes, you can get 6x6 tiles for a kitchen floor, but they are made of a different clay. Your bathroom tiles are very likely ceramic, whereas you need denser porcelain tile for a floor that will take harsher treatment. The tiles made for kitchen floors are usually ...