what color shutters goes with natural clay vinyl siding?

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Answered: Where can I buy a small quantity of vinyl siding sheets?

That's my question too except I also need facia wrap and soffet material ... but where to find it online?

Answered: I have silver vinyl siding that i am so tired of. I would like to paint

Both vinyl and aluminum can be painted. A vinyl spray paint is on the market now but I don't believe it is available in bulk. As for aluminum, aircraft are often painted. The paint products are very expensive. Cost to paint a small private aircraft is in the area of $10,000.00 to 15'000.00. You ...

Answered: Can I use an aluminum window for my vinyl sided house? Please help!

all i can say is i have aluminum windows in my little white vinyl house, although no one would call my aluminum windows beautiful....but, i do knkow this cause i watch so much house flipping shows and hgtv..the windows are actually framed and set in wood and then covered....probably could be trimmed ...

Answered: Can I paint over vinyl flooring?

No, you can't. Instead, you can choose a matching tile or sheet. You can read more here: Vinyl Flooring

Answered: What color wood door goes with tan siding and rust shutters

I think brown color. http://www.trampolinesoutlet.co.uk/ http://www.beanbagsoutlet.co.uk/ http://www.barstoolsoutlet.co.uk/

Answered: How much will cost to put vinyl siding on a 2132 square feet house

Surface area of the exterior How many windows How many doors Do you want to cover the soffits and fascia One or Two stories
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The front of my house is brick sided. Can I install siding or shingle

Yes, what you need to do hinges and driller where you can place the hinges that well hold to your siding.

How do you measure your house to know how much ...

you want to measure in segments from wall edge to wall edge. Be sure to take into account door widths and windows. The best way is to measure edge to edge and get a total area. You can always cut around, its better to have extra than be short. You dont want to be short on large pieces it gets ...

Putting new vinyl siding over old on mobile home

A friend of mine did the same thing with vinyl siding in Ottawa . I think William is on the right track here; you'll want to do something about the aluminum before installing the vinyl.

I have a hole the size of a baseball in my vinyl siding which is about 15

Deb- Just so you know, Eric is not going to tell you squat. Wash the area where the hole is. Brush and hose, not pressure. Cut a bit of the vinyl out and take it to a paint store. Ask them to eye match it. When that is done, but some Bondo on the way home. You will need to fill the hole with some ...