what color paint on walls with gray carpet?

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Answered: Different color walls

As a Color Specialist, I often use one wall as an accent. If the wall is a decent size and shape and has some interest then yes, I choose a different color for that wall. Sometimes it's a few shades darker then the other ones and sometimes it's a contrasting color. Depends on the decor.

Answered: Carpet Color

The dirty color means not bad but a kind of color in which the stain will not be displayed. Otherwise you need to contact with the americanpridecc.

Answered: Paint color

I think that red, deep blue, and light blue would all look great. Use red for a warmer, comfy setting and blue for a sophisticated, modern, chic look <a href="http://paintcolortrends2010.blogspot.com/">Paint Color Trends</a>.

Answered: What are the most popular interior wall colors?

Ivory is popular because it blends in with any decor. It's not a white - nor a beige - but a combination of both. Pale green and/or pale yellow is popular - depending on which room you plan to paint.
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Wall paint issue

Try repainting with the mix of colors you like.

What color should i paint my living room walls ...

Well yellow goes well with all the colors you've mention. Orange is just too intense. This shade is great for the kitchen. So, opt for the yellow shade.

Want to know color of paint for formal living room with off white

Go for sky color or light green color, It will look great!