what color is venetian bronze?

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Answered: How do I clean cold painted bronze

it is a nasty chemical zip strip will remove any paint from any bronze then wash it down with paint thinner and a stiff brush get into all the tiny crevices treat it at least twice

Answered: Where can you buy Venetian Plaster

Did you try you local hardware store?

Answered: Color

yellow it is so happy!!

Answered: Helping someone learn colors how is color blind

There are different types of color blindness, which has he? Yes, your idea may work but it also may not, because in many cases the color-blind person sees the colors in question only as shades of gray. If he is one of those people but is fortunate enough to be able to distinguish variations in shade ...

Answered: I have a French Bronze figural lamp depicting a ...

fran, go to worthpoint.com..follow instructions..its FREE if you ask community
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