what color grout to use on carrara marble tile?

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Answered: ATM aside marble tiles

That made even less sense than most of your stupid daily nonsense.

Answered: How do i change the color of existing tile grout

you have to remove the grout. you can buy a tool at home depot etc. then you can regrout the tile.

Answered: New construction cleaning of tile & grout

Use this <a href="www.rejuvenate.tv/floor-care.htm"> cleaner </a>. It cleans and seals at the same time so you don't have to clean again. ever

Answered: How can we redo the grout, once done?

you can stain the grout to just about any color thats offered.

Answered: Limestone tile

You can use a wet sponge to clean the grout on your Limestone Tile or you can just use a simple smooth rug to wipe of the grout haze.

Answered: Should I use small marble tiles for my bathroom floor?

Small I think preferably the non slip type
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Grout problems

There is a grout stain you can buy made by Aqua Mix that is a combination grout sealer and stain. You can stain your grout one time with this, so you better make sure its the color you absolutely want! It will also make cleaning your grout a lot easier.

How do I clean black matte tile and grout?

After you clean it seal the tile and grout. Mexican tiles are very pourous and that is why the scum is sticking to it.

Finished grout lines

Kathy- The installation of a tile floor means more than correct installation of the tile. You should 3/4" underlayment that is securely attached to the joists. You need Hardibacker of Durock on top of this. These joints should not overlie the joints of the underlayment. Use fiberglass tape with ...

How do I administer grout on tile in my shower that has loosened and has

In the long run it will be MUCH more cost effective (and healthy) to remove that entire tile panel, take away the wallboard and replace with fibre or concrete board, then re-do the finish with new tile and grout. -Patch repairs on this kind of thing only last a year or two. -Trust me, I re-do many ...