What color dress should I wear to a 5:00 pm wedding in June?

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Answered: I'm going to a good friend's wedding, I was obsessed with which dress to

Hi !! If you are going to your friend's wedding,wear something party wear with gorgeous look.You can put an Amber stone necklaces,it will increase the look twice.

Answered: What would be the original cost of an average wedding dress from 1961

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Answered: Wedding budget

I think that wedding planning covers a wide range. There is a whole lot of things to do in wedding planning. Starting from planning your wedding invitations , wedding dresses, wedding venue, catering, DJ, photographer, etc. If you are having a large wedding with a huge number of guests, I will ...

Answered: Wedding dresses with color?

I am young bride and absolutely tired of traditionally white wedding dress. On my big day, I wore a vivid red dress to attract all the gusts' attention and make my groom open big mouth "WOW". So colored wedding gown is good choice. Here is the link for colored wedding dress where I bought mine. You ...

Answered: What color should I wear

I decided to get a deep reddish pinkish dress. I love it and so do my friends! Thank you guys for all your opinions and suggestions :)
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What color shoes should I wear with my white wedding dress?

Either white or silver shoes would look very nice.

Online Wedding Gown Fit

I think you can visit on www.wearsuper.com ! They have the picture and explication for teaching you how to take the measurements !

Versatile dress color for day and night wear

RED. twit me softly /cs33ca www.anestheticnews.com

Is it bad luck to wear black at a wedding?

You are talking of a "Black Wedding Dress", I have been to very exquisite Weddings that were "Black Wedding Dress, White Tuxedos, Same for the party.. was fabulous..