What college professors are most in demand?

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Answered: Should guns be allowed on college campuses?

Plain, simple NO... Sweet G

Answered: Which college to avoid?

While you are preparing to choose photography schools, consider the physical campus and location in addition to the academic strength of the photography programs. www.findyourartschool.com/ep/photography-schools.php

Answered: What are the ingredients in Professor Amos cleaner? It cleans so

Citric acid, metallic silver (0.003%), and a degreaser which does not appear to be named anywhere. It is likely water based. It cleans well on the commercials that are hawking this product. Reviews are largely less than favorable. Lemon juice or CLR would do just as well. Degreasing can be done ...

Answered: College essays

An essay must be original, honest, exceptional and simple. Always keep your end objectives in mind while writing the essay - it must create a positive impression in the mind of the reader and differentiate you from the other applicants. Take advice from top essay writing service. I have good ...

Answered: How do I pay for College?

Paying for college is never an easy process as college tuition have increased to a great extent but if you are worried about how to pay for college there are a number of colleges that are providing financial aids to help students and i think finding a college which provides financial aids would ...

Answered: College professors and playjurism

The answer to plagiarism is to heed the counsel of harvard professior of mathematics, Tom Lehrer. The secret to success in mathematics is, in one word, to, "Plagiarize . . . only be sure to call it 'research.'"
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I found him on ProfessorDabby.com He does funny TV interveiws in Queens

It appears to me he is a comedian.

My daughter is in college and she said one of her friends is "sexting

It's not. However, it will continue until the young woman grows up or until the college administration gets wind of it and fires the professor for inappropriate behavior. Use the opportunity to talk to your daughter and share your thoughts on the subject. You may not be able to change her friend's ...