What climate did Pueblo Indians have?

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Answered: Climate controlled storage

Yes it is good for the goods that you have. You can save your material from natural calamities and you will get it on rental. Store-11 will help you for this...!!!

Answered: Climate predictions for 2013 in new york east coas

For best information check out http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/long_range/poe_index.php?lead=9&var=t

Answered: Heat waves, Climate

The human body is designed in a way to cool down by sweating, however under extreme condition, just sweating doesn’t help. In these conditions people face heat-related illness as the body’s temperature control system overload. Thus body temperature rises which can lead to damage of vital organs ...

Answered: Heat waves, Climate

Excessively prolonged hot weather with high humidity level is called as a heat wave.

Answered: What is a pole celt? indian relic

It is a polished stone, meant to be attached to a pole. Unlike an arrowhead, which is primarily a hunting implement or weapon, a celt is designed to be a tool, closer to an ax than an arrow.

Answered: What is the climate data for orlando florida for the month of october

October typically shows the first signs of autumn with intermittant cold fronts bringing cooler air and rain storms with little lightning. It is currently 66F/19C and is expected to reach a high of 81F/27C with mostly sunny skies with winds out of the North at 8-10MPH.
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