what cities does yard crashers go to?

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Answered: City wide yard sales

The city wide yard sale in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma will be on Sat. September 19th. The web site for this event is located at: http://www.woofcreekba.com hope to see you there, I go every year. Rick

Answered: City of domino, kenyucky

I found a record of a 1922 locomotive boiler accident in Domino, Ky. So there must have been one at one time. I found a map of a historical Domino, Kentucky in Perry County. http://kentucky.hometownlocator.com/maps/feature-map,ftc,3,fid,2557193,n,domino%20post%20office.cfm

Answered: How to apply for Yard Crashers?

Here's a link but I didn't see Yard Crashers on there at this time. It says to check periodically. DIY Network... http://www.diynetwork.com/tv-shows/be-on-diy/index.html

Answered: Where will yard crashers be next?

Anywhere where rich people live. You never see them redoing someones home in a rundown neighborhood or a trailer. They always have nice homes, and therefore, should be able to afford to redo their yards themselves. I wish they would redo someone's yard that can't afford to do it. Like I said before ...

Answered: How do you know you received the 12 yards?

build a box, 3ft. long X 3ft.wide X 3ft tall. then fill it up, 12 times. what the hell are you going to do with It'?
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Shelocta, PA is about the closest.

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