What church is Reverend Royce Cornelius the pastor of in Chicago, Illinois?

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Answered: Are there any youtubers from Chicago/Illinois?

BebopVox, who is a major Minecraft YouTuber, and TheMarkOfJ, who runs a Black Ops channel, are both from Chicago. BebopVox is known for his musical parodies and also does vlogs. TheMarkOfJ is not well known but posts hundreds of game plays and has one of the best KDR's.

Answered: Everybody Clap Your Hands....Show Esteemed Reverend Cooper the LOVE!

The Esteemed Reverend JAMES BRAIN Cooper. SEE COMMENT

Answered: Reverend Cooper claims to be a Pastor of a Church ...

TrueIowan fails to see the idiocy in the posts of Reverend Cooper and his pals!!! He is reading his Bible with his pants around his ankles.

Answered: Stay In My Church Or Find Another

Certainly yes -- you should find a church that is governed according to the dictates in the Bible.
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There is no difference between self-appointed offices in self-styled churches.

After being a missionary and hold papers with 3 churches I can pastor

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