what checical will discolor brass?

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Answered: Brass vs. Copper?

The colors of the metals are different. Copper is a bright orange and bronze is rich orange or brown. They are different in their hardness, also. Copper is used to coat utensils, while bronze is used in construction of sculptures and statues. Source: www.laser-cutting-online.com

Answered: How can you tell if it is brass

Just look at the color. Brass is a buttery yellow alloy of zinc and copper.

Answered: When did they start putting iron nails on brass tacks rather than the

I think you're a little confused - go back to the asylum -

Answered: Why do copper and brass have similar reactivity

brass is an alloy based on copper and zinc so they have similar properties. the corrosion resistance of copper and brass also is quite similar..

Answered: 316L Discoloration

the colors are due to different types of oxides that develops at high temperature. stainless steel is resistant to corrosion because when exposed to the atmosphere develops a thin layer of protective oxides. at high temperature and in atmosphere of nitrogen it develops different oxides. stainless ...

Answered: Mariene barometor made by doyha libson solid brass with built in gyro

I found a Portuguese marine barometer for sale, estimated value $1000, starting bid $500. I think Lisbon is likely rather than Libson. I also found a site: http://www.prices4antiques.com/tools-measuring-devices/weather-instruments/Barometer-Marine-Desterro-RN-Brass-Gimbal-Mount-Lisbon-37-inch ...
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