What Channel and what time is Toddlers and Tiaras in Monterey Ca 93940?

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Answered: Get more satellite channels

Damn your black heart, Frankie. I wanted it to be a surprise!

Answered: What's Your Views On Beauty Pageants For Young Children?

your 100% right. the parents practically give them a self complex issue and they definately say to there daughters you are not the precious thing to me i want to share you with the world.Why would you want to share the most precious person to you with the world you would almost want to hide them in ...

Answered: Oh my gosh thank you for posting this open letter ...

The episode made me sick!! Jamie Sterling's "mothering" boarders on child abuse!! The only hope that AshLynn has is her father!! If he watches this episode and doesn't do something to save her... he is worse then his wife!! Both of those girls will need therapy in the next 10 years. All I can say is ...

Answered: Where can i buy cheap tiaras for bridesmaids?

I would recommend Veil-U-Bridal. They have inexpensive tiaras and do it yourself tiara bands and wire sidecombs in imitation rhodium. Visit http://www.veilubridal.com/metal-wire-hair-combs.htm
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Please Irene, Don't let this happen to this baby. The child is much too young to be separated from his/her usual caretakers for that long. That is an eternity to a child that age. Please advise against this action. Consistency in a baby's life is vitally important to him growing ...

What Constitutes Abuse by California Law Against a Toddler

Hi Lynne, Be a hero and report this. You may be the only chance this child has for a normal life. I`m quite sure that his speach problem is a result of the abuse that he is suffering. Is this something that has already gone before the courts?

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Don't bother too much. It is "normal". Be persistance to tell him it ia not accepted and repeat telling him not to do it any more (in the right tone !). It will stop sooner than later. That's the age that they are "learning" their body (especially the intimate parts).

How do you deal with breath holding in toddlers?

My younger sister did this as a way to throw a tantrum. The quickest and easiest way to put an end to it is as follows. Let the child throw the fit, lay them down on the floor in a safe place and leave the room. When they don't get any attention for it they will usually quit after 2-3 times of ...