what celebrities have used ideal protein diet?

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Answered: Which Protein is Better?

Egg protein is the most complete amino acid profile and Whey protein isolates are good. Certain plant proteins like Soy actually cause increased estrogen production so be careful. Eat a balanced diet and don't get stuck on 1 type of protein.

Answered: Where can we get reviews on protein shake?

Hey there! You can try these protein shakes but you need to perfect recently I have got a review website where they were discussing about protein shakes and they have given detail information which is the best http://kaschte.ch/ protein shake available on internet at the moment. Menr MuskeIn is ...

Answered: Should I continue to eat carbs while on a diet?

Hi Crystal, The answer is yes, but in measured quantities. Obviously excessive consumption of foods high in carbohydrate will contribute to weight gain because carbohydrates turn to sugar in your body and can be stored as fat. Carbohydrates are needed for energy so if you cut down too much you will ...

Answered: Do you think drinking a protein shake in the ...

Generally giving your stomach work before you go to sleep is not a great idea. It usually interferes with your rest since your metabolism slows down while you sleep and it makes digesting food harder.

Answered: I found this article on vegetarian protein sources ...

I'm NOT a fan of vegetarianism. That said, unless you're a vegan, you can eat cheese and dairy and eggs. Plant proteins, especially beans and nuts, provide very good proteins. If you can add cheese and eggs to that, you'll be set for bodybuilding. Eggs are one of the main foods bodybuilders eat ...

Answered: Celebrities and Ourselves.

i do not get the meaning f the word celebration
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