what causes your fingers and toes to draw up?

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Answered: Tip toe walking

I have a daughter that we noticed this from her first steps until now. She is 4 and has been diagnosed with Aspbergers and autism.... You might want to have her checked on this. I catch myself all the time telling herto walk straight, but the doctors say it will not affect her walking in the ...

Answered: Prune Finger

Good question, kids! When I was little, my mom used to say "You've been swimming for too long, your fingers will prune!" Wrinkly fingers and toes, or pruning as some people call it, happen when your skin soaks up water. Our skin has a kind of waterproof oil on it called sebum. That's why water ...

Answered: Numb toes

Hi..Being Diabetic (as I am) you must make sure you take B vitamins (B50) was recommended to me for my feet..I never had numbness in my feet, I walk everyday about 2 miles or so, I'm also into Natural Cures, Do yourself a favor and start taking the natural cure for Diabetes , its called "DIAMOXOL ...

Answered: What causes my toe to drop and feel paralized?

A toe that drops and feels paralyzed indicates a nerve problem, or possibly a spinal cord or brain problem. It might be a neuropathy such as CIDP. You should see a neurologist.

Answered: I am an adult and have recently realized that I am ...

Tori, The thing I could advise you is to consult a Physical Therapist.
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Why do your fingers look like a prune?

When flesh has been submerged for a while, it will absorb some of the fluid and swell, like a sponge. The tissue underneath the skin on your fingers and toes is securely attached to the tough upper layers of skin and holds tightly to the expanding flesh, creating wrinkles.

I have a pencil drawing done by michael groner. Not sure who he is. The

Michael was my brother. He passed away over ten years ago. Please contact me at da_smaug@yahoo.com

I have a pencil drawing done by michael groner. Not sure who he is. The

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