what causes upside down vision?

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Answered: Can chlorine in a pool cause my vision to be ...

Blurry vision in the pool is caused by the over usage or pool chemicals imbalanced. Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator eliminates the uses of chlorine on your swimming pool. It acts as the converter of chlorine to salt water to avoid the harmful effects of chlorine.

Answered: Cause of the day

Hi there: I apologize, but I don't understand your question. Could you provide me with additional information? Thank you.

Answered: Which fruits are best for upside down cakes?

for me, pineapple is the best and you may add cherries to make it look and taste better. :)

Answered: Vision corrected

I don't think the fact a person died after getitng their site back is related but it's certainly possible to regain your sight like this. There's a process known as the Bates method that can help train your eyes back to their original strength and focus. Its possible your brother stumbled across ...

Answered: Where can I find a vision therapist for a child in massachusetts

Try contacting Mass. State Health & Human Services Dept.
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How to do an upside down christmas tree

One year someone I knew wanted to do that. She bought a spiral pre-lit in the shape of a tree decor. Simple and to the point. She hung it in her picture window upside down and it looked remarkable. (It wasn't really a tree)

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hey i am getting these pixels too... But I have them all the time. They are like millions of colored dots in my entire vision something as u have described like pixels. I have got my eyes checked with specialists and they have said that there is nothing wrong with my eyes. But that I should consult ...

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