what causes sore and tender breast in women over 40?

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Answered: Owie breasts....

I am gonna make an Appt with my dr this week to find out for sure..... But I am really worried and I dont know what to say to my husband.... I mean he knows that I might be prego.... but I dont know what will happen if I am not and it is something else..... I am scared shitless to tell you the ...

Answered: Breast Tenderness

my nipples been hurting for 3 weeks now and i havent seen a period yet can some answer my question for me?

Answered: I have sore and tender nipples for the past 5 days and for one day lower

Hi, The fact that your breasts and nipples are sore can indicate one of two things. 1) either you are pregnant. 2) or it might ve pms. Also it depends how late you are with not gettting your period. Good Luck

Answered: Where can I ask questions about breast lumps

If you have found breast lumps, that's a definite sign to see a doctor. I would also suggest that you learn how to do a self exam if this is something that concerns you. Doctors recommend that women perform a self exam regularly and frequently. Women who do so often find problems while they are ...

Answered: What is the Cost of Breast Implants?

In the United States, breast implants cost an average of between $4,000 and $7,000. Silicone implants cost a bit more than saline implants. Because they are elective cosmetic surgeries, it is not covered under most health care insurance plans. However, individuals traveling to foreign destinations ...

Answered: Sore breasts 2 weeks after mentration

It is soon to tell 2 weeks after menstruation. You probably have or just about to ovulate so without the pregnancy hormone you wouldn't get symptoms this soon. Wait to see if you get your next period and do a blood or urine test to confirm either way. Good luck!!!
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My nipples are sore and swollen, I am not pregnant ...

What are you asking? If it bothers you, you might want to take some pills to make sure your hormone levels are balanced.

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Im 13 and my friends alleays say i have big breasts Im like a size d but i know im not pregnant And i know it doesnt envolve with any of my Continuose cycle they just feel firm when im Not even touching them and the reason why I have big breasts is cus i got it from my mom Hers was so big she had ...

One of my breasts is hard sore, swollen, and hot.

It could be breat development - just one breast is more sensitive to hormones. Discover more below: http://www.menstrual-cycle.info http://menstrual-cycle-health.blogspot.com/