what causes rolling leg cramps?

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Answered: Why do bananas cause leg cramps? It happens with ...

YES, I also have gotten foot cramps going up the side of my leg at night after eating a bananna the day. It never happened before, maybe there is a small %of us that can not eat what ever they spray on them as they grow these days? Very srtange?!

Answered: What cause inner thigh cramps and what can I do to ...

low potassium can cause that. have a bannana!

Answered: How dangerious are leg cramps from advair use

Thank you for your response, but I heard taking QUININE with ADVAIR is not recommended . I have been taking potassium and it has worked well, but I do not want to just keep adding more meds . But the leg cramps are unreal!!

Answered: Are leg cramps normal when you have a blood clot?

Leg cramps ARE NOT normal with Venous blood clots / DVT. I do vascular ultrasound and would say that <15% of patients with a DVT note cramps as a symptom. Please,...symptoms or the way patients describe their symptoms are extremely subjective, therefore think about the sensation before using a ...

Answered: How does benadryl stop leg cramps

It is a very unusual reason for taking benadryl. Did'nt know it would work for that. Must be that it relaxes you so the leg muscles relax and the pain is gone.
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Can symbicort cause leg cramps?

This web page lists the side effects of Symbicort. One of them is muscle or joint pain. Best thing for you to do is check with your doctor.

Leg cramps

I've suffered from leg cramps most of my life, and know three easy solutions: (a) drink some orange juice for the potassium. Our potassium/sodium balance is often disrupted and this will take away the cramps within 2 to 5 minutes. (b) pinch or press the area below your nasal septum/above the ...

What causes swollen ankles?

Swollen ankles generally tend to come about when you over-extend, or stretch the connective tissue in the ankle. This can pretty much happen at any time. The best sprained ankle treatment is to get on a solid rehabilitation program, to help cut down on the swelling and start to repair you're ...

I need info on what causes leg cramps

Unknown cause (idiopathic leg cramps) In most cases the cause of leg cramps is not known. One theory is that cramps occur when a muscle that is already in a shortened position is stimulated to contract. As the muscle is already shortened, to contract further may cause the muscle to go into spasm ...