what causes phlebitis of the eyelid?

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Answered: Does eating too much sugar cause your eyelids to burn and be red?

Eating sugar does not usually cause eyelids to burn. It is possible that there is some allergy, perhaps to nuts in candy bars, or to food dyes.

Answered: Cause of the day

Hi there: I apologize, but I don't understand your question. Could you provide me with additional information? Thank you.

Answered: Eyelid problem

Of course you need a doctor,check it regularly cause ur eyes are the most valuable . surose --- eye care

Answered: Swollen eyelids after Interferon Treatment

Try to find information about using doxycyline for treatment of Swollen eyelids here.

Answered: All my eyelids twitch on and off throughout the day mostly on the right

This URL gives a good explanation of the syndrome, what it is, how it starts, etc. http://www.twitchingeyelids.com/

Answered: What causes lumbar neuritis

Neuritis is a broad term use to describe various diseases involving the inflammation of a nerve or a group of nerves. It is often associated with pain, changes in sensations, weakness , numbness, paralysis or muscle wasting. Neuritis along with other diseases that damage peripheral nerves are ...
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This is something that you should ask directly to a surgeon. But I will let you know some information about eyelid lift surgery. It removes the excess skin and fat from your upper/lower eyelids. You will be asked about your vision, use of lenses and tear production. It really improves the ...

What causes bronchitis?

Bronchitis symptoms and treatments vary depending on the source of the inflammation.

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urinary trak infection nad kidney disease. also scar tissue from being spayed

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If you are an excessive eater of particular foods, you’re bound to meet some complications. There are many foods to avoid with kidney stones. Calcium is one of the main causes of kidney stone development, so lay off or reduce your milk, cheese or dairy product intake. If you already have kidney ...