what causes pain in throat as you swollow food?

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Answered: Throat pain after exposure to second hand smoke

There is most likely an allergic reaction to the tobacco plant derivative and/or the chemicals used to stabilize cigarettes, causing an inflamation and irritation of the mucous membranes.

Answered: What is the best and fastest cure for a sore throat? How do you get rid

Home remedies for sore throat:- 1. Warm one cup of water and add half tea spoon of salt. Be sure that the water is not too hot to burn you. Mix out the salt until it is almost dissolved. 2. Rinse your mouth and gargle your throat with the salt water solution in the same way you would with a mouth ...

Answered: What can the causes of armpit pain may be?

what can cause sharp, stinging pains in mt left armpit?

Answered: I have a sensation of a something being caught in my throat and each time

This could be caused by any number of possibilities. I would first go to your family doctor and ask him/her for advice. If you don't get an answer, I would strongly request to see a specialist. This could be an ear, nose, and throat specialist, an endocrinologist, or some other type of specialist.

Answered: What to do with nerve pain that is caused from ...

Malpractice regarding pain is hard to prove.

Answered: Throat pain after tongue pierce

to be honest i got my tongue peirced yesterday and today my tongue is swollen to the max and my throat is swollen and hurts it doesnt mean its infected its just a symptom of healing as i was told the best thing to do is take tylenol or ib profen and get lots of sleep and slushies work good im still ...
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