What causes "oozing" from swollen legs?

What causes "oozing" from swollen legs?

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Answered: What causes swollen ankles?

Swollen ankles generally tend to come about when you over-extend, or stretch the connective tissue in the ankle. This can pretty much happen at any time. The best sprained ankle treatment is to get on a solid rehabilitation program, to help cut down on the swelling and start to repair you're ...

Answered: Blood Pressure Problems

Sometime yes! I'm not a doctor. but from my experience. The more sodium (salt) I put in or on my food, the more fluid I retain in my legs. am not so sure about the shoulders. the less salt the better. but ask your doctor, OK

Answered: What would cause a clear liquid to ooze from a swollen foot ????

Water retention.. white cells attacking the swelling area then opens up.. an unusually large water blister.. Could be most anything.. shouldn't be anything particularly life threatening but a dr. visit could ease your stress.

Answered: My 5 yr old granddaughter has a swollen area in ...

I'm starting to wonder. There are so many questions asked here to which the obvious and most immediate answer is SEE A FREAKIN DOCTOR! NOW!. I cannot understand why people somehow thing that an internet question site is a better venue for asking about things that are quite obviously serious enough ...

Answered: Plantar fasciitis cause leg pain?

Not likely. Sciatica can cause pain all the way up the leg.

Answered: Whats going on ?

I have had this for 7 yrs. It is a combination of dry skin and stress induced psoriasis. I found that taking garlic tablets (builds immune system) and B complex vitamins (stress fighter) makes them DISAPPEAR in one day!! Also a good non allergic moisturizer on patches helps. If I stop the garlic ...
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Leg exercises and blood pressure

I am guessing here. I think that there is little difference. The inverted should be a bit higher simply because of the dependent position that one assumes to do this exercise.

What to do when a boyle is oozing blood?

A boil oozing blood? See a doctor.

What could cause 22 year old woman with swollen legs, ankles and feet?

pregnancy, birth control pills, other drugs, heart problems, kidney problems

WHAT CAN CAUSE swollen ankles on a 64 year old woman.?.

Anonymous, You need to get up and walk around. Get the circulation going in your legs. It is not good, even for a person who is not diabetic, to sit for hours at a time. If you must sit, put a foot stool or a box under your computer desk and elevate your legs. Also, see your doctor asap, as ...