what causes numbness and locking of fingers and hands during sleep?

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Answered: What is causing the pain and numbness in my arm and hand and the pain in

A herniated disc in your neck can cause those symptoms. It is a condition where pressure is put on the nerves in your spine in the neck area, causing pain in the area and numbness down your arm.

Answered: What causes my hand to go numb after I fell on elbow

it's best to see a doctor about it. The numbness is likely caused by inflammation/swelling around your elbow joint which is pinching a nerve. A doctor should look at it to see the extent of the damage.

Answered: What kind of doctor do i need to see for numbness in fingers?

You should keep your finger moving instead of putting on the mouse.

Answered: Why Does My Left Hand Go Numb?

Have you been tested for carpal tunnel syndrome. Thats what it sounds like.

Answered: My boyfriend has been experiencing numbness in his ...

I don't want to speculate. I can think of lots of things, some benign, some serious. I would recommend a doctor's visit two weeks ago, but as soon as possible to make sure it isn't serious.

Answered: Hand and finger question

I think that "pinky" (or "pinkie") is just another word for "little finger." As far as I can tell, the only finger that sometimes isn't considered a real "finger" is the thumb. Some people refer to a "thumb and four fingers," which implies that the thumb is not a finger.
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