what causes leaves from Japanese maple tree to shrivel and die?

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Answered: Japanese Maple tree

Acer (maple) is a genus of trees or shrubs. They are variously classified in a family of their own, the Aceraceae, or (together with the Hippocastanaceae) included in the family Sapindaceae. Modern classifications, including the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification, favour inclusion in ...

Answered: How often do you water a japanese maple tree

Watering any plants need only 3 time a week. Any plant will do as long as you balance the environment with the origin of the tree. Since Japan is a country under tropical condition therefore it should be like Japanese temperature. Deped Logo

Answered: Leaves are closing in my tangelo tree

Soil to wet, soil to cold which cause nutrient deficeincy, soil to compact with lack of oxygen getting to the roots, soil to dry, lack of iron, lack of nitrogyn, lack of sunlight and so on.

Answered: What color is a maple tree under the bark. Some ...

There is more than one flavor of maple tree.

Answered: Can you destroy an overgrown Red Japanese Maple Tree if you trim it in

This advice may help you. Is it OK to prune my Japanese Maple tree now in the Spring? I have this tree in my front yard and some of the branches sit so low, I have to duck when I enter my house because thet are so low. Is it O.K. to just cut them off with a saw so I won't have to duck anymore ...

Answered: Are Maple Trees Going Extinct?

Well I don't live anywhere near syrup production, but I can sure tell you that every spring I have to kill about 300-500 baby Maple trees in my yard before they grow too big. I have grown a couple of Maples from seeds. They are growing very well in my daughter's back yard.
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