what causes cramps in the foot on the instep?

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Answered: After knee replacenent surgery develop drop foot. No nerves where cut

Compression of the nerve (or other damage) can cause drop foot.

Answered: Cramping in lower area

It could be menstrual cramps or PID. Discover below: http://www.menstrual-cycle.info http://menstrual-cycle-health.blogspot.com/

Answered: Cramping and Bleeding

I am glad you are doing better.

Answered: Hand cramps

Toni, Since you're taking Zocor, you may need to notify the doctor who prescribed you Zocor. Muscle weakness is one of the side effects. Numbness is not listed as one of the side effects but it won't hurt to run it by him or her.

Answered: What cause inner thigh cramps and what can I do to ...

low potassium can cause that. have a bannana!

Answered: Foot cramp

Does it do it every time? Might be potassium.
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Factors might be age (especially to women, in some studies they are prone to hip problems), temperature, over fatigue, health conditions (especially if you have recently diagnosed of something serious), and any history of hip problems, osteoarthritis in your family.

How do ovulation cramps differ from pregnancy related cramps?

Learn more about Cramp Bark and other herbal remedies and add this to your favorites for quick reference. Strictly informational. http://allinfoforyou.com/cramp-bark.htm

Why do bananas cause leg cramps? It happens with ...

YES, I also have gotten foot cramps going up the side of my leg at night after eating a bananna the day. It never happened before, maybe there is a small %of us that can not eat what ever they spray on them as they grow these days? Very srtange?!

Somebody told me if I ingest my husbands semen it would help with the

it is not true - this is all about about cramps and natural remedies: http://www.women-health-info.com/147-MENSTRUAL-CRAMPS.html