what causes continuous mouth ulcers?

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Answered: Are mouth ulcers the same as UC

Ulcer and UC both are different terms. Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a condition that consist of ulcers or sores present in intestate associated with inflammation of intestive.

Answered: What are the symptoms of dry mouth?

I am enclosing a link to a website that will explain fully the symptoms of a dry mouth Hope this helps

Answered: What causes metal taste in mouth??

A metallic taste in the mouth is a fairly common problem - and usually not serious. Although you don't have actual taste buds that detect metals, the perception of the taste is described as "metallic." A metallic taste can be due to many factors. But the most common causes of a metallic ...

Answered: I have a giant stomach ulcer and I was kicked in the stomach could that

Hi I got your question from Yedda but I think it made a mistake referring me to you to answer your question. IF your ulcer is inside stomach then you need to see a doc right away as it could be bleeding internally which is very dangerous! IF your ulcer is on outside and cannot heal then I would ...

Answered: My ulcer is in the veins in my leg.

Thank you for the info I go back to the doctor today.

Answered: Dogs licking mouths

Back before modern medicines to disinfect, heal wounds and rid us of bacteria, oddly enough dogs did just fine by nursing their injuries to health with the use of their tongue. People have known for many years now, that dogs always lick their wounds when they get injured. Now researchers are even ...
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Dental insurance of the type you need is not available on an individual basis and can only be obtained through a group or business. No, reconstruction is not usually a covered benefit, and there is probably a specific exclusion for that type of dental work. I suggest you find a more reasonably ...

My 6 year old son has had mouth ulcers for 5 ...

Your son has got to have a virus thats causing these repeated outbreaks of mouth ulcers also he may have what is called "Thrush" which is a Yeast Infection of the mouth ..This can be caused by any other illness...Also he could be a diabetic and you are not aware of it ...

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Yes, for the exact reason you mentioned. I am always very concerned about the possibility of my gums getting infected, due to the fact that I have diabetes.

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