what causes belly button to pop out men?

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Answered: Im thinking of getting my belly button pierced...can anyone talk me

Body Piercing Frequently Asked Questions Is it gonna hurt? How long will it take to heal? What if a shop doesn't seem clean and my piercer isn't wearing gloves, isn't using pouched needles and jewelry, or simply being an assh*le when I ask questions? What can and can't I do during the ...

Answered: Why belly button pop up?

Usually, this will be caused by liver disease that has progressed to cirrhosis with ascites.

Answered: The female belly button is hot

Are you making a statement or trying to ask a question?

Answered: Age for Belly Button Piercing

how old do u have to be to get your bellybutton/navel pierced in new mexico

Answered: Pins or buttons to win prizes

How do I play with the pins to see if i am a winner.

Answered: Why do we men produce a daily tiny cotton ball in our belly button?

It is simply an accumulation of lint from your underwear. All fabrics shed lint. Just examine the lint filter in your clothes dryer after the final cycle.
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