what causes amorphous crystals in urine?

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Answered: Frequent urination

Another one women have to deal with more frequent than men is urinary tract infection. In such case another signs can appear as well, like pain when urinating and different than usual odour. http://www.theintelligentwomen.com/frequent-urination-in-women/

Answered: Urination urge.

See your doctor.

Answered: My 3 year old girl has frequent urination during ...

Persistant need to urinate can also warn there are serious health issues to treat as soon as possible. Those can be diabetes, kidney stones, some chronic kidney disease, bladder/ovaries tumor etc. http://www.theintelligentwomen.com/frequent-urination-in-women/

Answered: My 88 year old father has frequent urination and ...

Hi, My friend OronD gave you a great advice, I gave him 2 thumbs up. It is very common for the elderly population espcially people over 75 years of age to have urinary incontinence, they can't hold their urine. Your father needs to be checked by a urologist or a geriatric doctor. He may need ...

Answered: Crystals urine, cats WHAT FOODS ARE BEST FOR A CAT WITH CRYSTALS?

I had this problem with my oldest cat a few years ago - twice. I discovered that it is the grains and other rubbish in commercial cat food, that causes crystals. I switched to a grain free food, and have not had the same problem since. This type of food is more expensive, but not as expensive as ...

Answered: Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals in NYC

You will find spectacular Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals at the Museum of Natural History. Their rock and minerals are sometimes poorly displayed (just try to find the awesome Star of India), but it is worth the trip just to see the hugh meteors (in addition to the aquamarines). If you want to take an ...
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Sudden uncontrolled urination in a 5 year old

I would absolutely take your son to the doctor right away. He could have a urinary infection or something else. Whenever something is unusual with your child, you should always take the greatest precautions... because you never know what it could be and it always wins to be safe. Make sure you ...

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Cats that have Crystals

The wrong food. Science Diet makes pretty good cat food, but consult your vet. Your cat must have specific dietary needs that only a doctor should advise you about.

Crystals in freezer

Its caused from water in the dough: refrigerate the next one for about six hours before the next one you freeze and try it.