what causes a blood moon?

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Answered: Can high blood pressure be hereditary or is it primarily caused by bad

Definitely, bad lifestyle can be a big factor in your BP rise. I would recommend a total change if you want to preserve your health and live longer.

Answered: Why Need Umbilical cord blood banking?

For the stem cells. To treat disease later on in life, like cancer.

Answered: My blood pressure is dropping.

e-mail me at 1444000@yahoo.com

Answered: Blood pressure and natural medication

Yes! Hibiscus tea is a good, safe, natural way to lower your blood pressure. If you read that page that I link to, you will find more explanation of how / why it works: there is solid scientific evidence behind its use. I would also recommend doing other things to reduce your blood pressure. A ...

Answered: Blood test I have high blood pressure and need blood test what could

You may need some tests to see if hypertension is affecting the rest of your body. These may include: a urine test - protein in your urine may be the first sign of a kidney problem a blood test to check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as the condition of your kidneys an ...

Answered: I have a 29 year old gelding, which has started to ...

Since no "official" problems have been found, and considering his age, its probably just a sign that his organs have begun to falter. Its a sad stage, but one that is enivitable. My gelding and mare were put down on the same day this past January. I had him for 17 years and her for 22. It was a ...
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I have been under ALOT of stress in the past month ...

Yes, get yourself to a doctor. Don't listen to Doris, she's a scammer who doesn't belong here.

Causes of blood clots in a menstral period

It's sort of all blood clots, really. What happens is, your cervix, I think it is, anyway, your womb, builds up a layer of blood and tissue in order to prepare it for the implantation of the egg. When that doesn't happen, that lining shears off the walls and the body expels it. That's what a period ...

Cause of the day

Hi there: I apologize, but I don't understand your question. Could you provide me with additional information? Thank you.

Can my hbp meds cause low blood pressure? I have ...

yes because if you no longer need the med they can cause your blood pressure to drop