what caused the scar on oprah winfrey's face?

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Answered: Who's your favorite Oprah guest?

The last one .Because it was the last one.Oh wait! I didn't watch it .Woe is me . Wait I did see the President on there ..Classy act

Answered: Is Oprah the Antichrist? She got Obama elected and ...

I think I would not be calling anyone racist when it's so clear you suffer from that disease.

Answered: Oprah Winfrey relationship history.

It is true. Oprah has been with the same man, Graham Stedman, for a very long time now and they are said to have a very healthy relationship. I wonder what gave you the impression that she might be gay?

Answered: Oprah winfrey tour Atlanta promo codes

have you tried searching via google?

Answered: What can i do to give back to oprah winfrey. i ...

i think that Oprah would not want you to think of her like a god but to THANK GOD for allowing her to do His work on earth.
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Oprah's New Chapter!

Little would we suspect that Ms. Winfrey is an Air Force washout after many failed attempts to fly the legendary F4-B. She was such a fright at the controls that no one would fly next to her. I mean, she was all over the sky and more danger to friendlies than to bogeys and bandits. Not ...

Who Should Play Oprah?

I'm pretty sure the chosen one is Jennifer Hudson now-but I like Sparky's Mom's answer the best-I think Beyonce would have been perfect

Favorite Oprah Moment?

that one tom crus is on coke