what caused lester roloff's airplane crash?

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Answered: Airplane Crash 1960's, Reno,Nevada

I think 50 years is a long time to wait for a lawsuit.

Answered: Where can I find information about an Army Air Force airplane that

Dale, Check with National Geographic Society, also try Canadian Links, as 4 researchers are currently digging into this! Us Air Force has made records public as well. Hope this helps! Gloria

Answered: What material was used in WW11 airplane windows, and is used in jewelry

There were numerous materials used in WWII aircraft as either canopies, windows, or ports. Boeing determined that Lucite was not suitable for pressurized cabins because UV radiation at altitudes above 30,000 feet can cause it to deteriorate very rapidly. Their commercial aircraft all use ...

Answered: I was in the Navy with Lester Hoptowit who supposedly lives in tukwila

Have you tried these websites? http://www.whitepages.com/person http://www.publicrecordfinder.com/military.html http://www.militarylocator.com/
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I guess you didn't understand the post, I'll redo it.

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