what caused ice sickles on gutters?

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Answered: Ice back up?

Ice melt socks or snow melt socks are a tubes of loosely woven polyester fabric that is filled with calcium chloride ice melt. When contacted by ice/snow they create channels for the water to flow off the roof instead of backing up under the shingles and leaking into the house. A single ...

Answered: Searching cause of death of David R. Solomon, Butler, MD.

There are several items on the Internet, including an obituary page. Your note there said "untimely passing" was all you found. The archives.com site will let you see the death record if you become a member; you can get a free 7-day membership. The death record should have the cause of death ...

Answered: Hello George: Thank you for answering my question ...

Thanks Fred! I will print this out and show my husband and call the contractor tomorrow.

Answered: Gutter Glue

First you take an endcap crimper and crimp the endcap to the gutter. They run about $25. For a one time use may not be the way to go for you. I've seen zip screws and poprivits used. these are usually done by harry homeowners and works too. I use a clear silicone base to seal the endcap to the ...

Answered: What causes large yellow spots in my lawn which get bigger every

There are a few posibilities: 1. Too much water or lack of water 2. Frost damage 3. A "hot" species of grass that suffers from the cold

Answered: Are all alumimum gutters galvanized? What are the advantages of

Galvanized gutters are strong and more expensive. And other type of gutters are made from aluminum won't rust, have a longer life expectancy, but are not as strong as galvanized. gutter installation service
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Flooding gutters, no leaves...

Sometimes a tennis ball can get up there. done a few jobs where the kids threw them up there. perfect size to clog the outlet. sometimes roofers leve alot of stuff on the roof that get to the gutters n clog them. ive seen spring debri travel pretty far too. clogged downspouts for sure if water flows ...

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StainGoner is the best gutter cleaner for staining, stripes, streaks, etc. Guaranteed one spray one wipe formula. http://www.StainGuarder.com

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