what cars sit up high like an suv?

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Answered: Is there going to be a lamborghini SUV

Hi, in the 80's lamborgihini did make an SUV

Answered: Anybody know anything about Range Rover sport suv. about maintance

The maintenance of Range Rover sport is redicullously expensive. Had to replace tires and brakes at 18,000 miles. Tires were $400 a piece. Plus it was a gas hog being a big V-8. Traded it in for a BMW.

Answered: What to do ? This woman compares and compete too much

Why do you keep asking this question? You asked it about 5 times a couple of months ago and now you're back asking it again. You must be really lonely.

Answered: What is the best SUV of 2014?

Conozco a un sitio web (carrospararentar.com) .Su ofrece mismas características SUV con los beneficios de un coche de lujo para los visitantes turísticos temp (5-7 pasajeros) ($ 59.99 / día). Puede aplicar impuestos, tasas y tarifas de temporada. Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros para ...

Answered: Hertz car rental Does hertz have any handicap suv's for sale.

For sale or rent??? well you can always do some customization for your car. some auto shops do offer customization for Disability..

Answered: What is the best SUV on the market?

There is no "best SUV". You must determine what you need in a vehicle. How many people will you carry. What else will you use it for. Pull a trailer, how far will you drive in a year. Do you live in the mountains or flat land. Does it snow a lot . Is there a service facility near you. Then you ...
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SUV roll over

If the roll over has already started you should : 1. turn the wheel to the direction of the roll 2. Hold it strongly and tell other passengers to hold something stable as well. 3. Hope for the best...

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Jaguar FX

Hi Mr. Wilson. Here's what I could find on this luxury car. Hope this answers your question!