what can you eat after getting tubes in ear?

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Answered: What happens after ear tubes are removedr

To the eardrum or to the possibility of recurrent infections.

Answered: Dr left tubes in my ears for three years

Where exactly in your ears are these holes? What kind of surgery did you have? And was it a mistake that the doctor left the tubes in for 3 years, or was that how long they were supposed to be in for?

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Answered: Ear tube drainage

Absolutely. Call your doctor immediately and tell him/her exactly what you wrote here. You will likely have to bring your son to the doctor's office to have him get checked out. Best of luck.

Answered: Pain after tubes inserted in ears

If I were you, I would call the surgeon (emergency number) and ask if the pain is normal. My grandson had tubes put in his ear at the age of 3 and he did not have any pain. After the anesthesia wore off, we could not keep him still. He wanted to run and play. Be Blessed.
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