what can tou do if you were framed?

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Answered: Frem Corr, Cadillac Frames

Meridian Display Ltd offer a huge range of front opening poster frames, pavement signs, forecourt signs and lightboxes. As a UK manufacturer, they have thousands of frames and displays in stock for next day delivery if required.

Answered: Who buys old picture frames in the pheonixvilla area

Sorry no idea about that can't help you...... Gallery 128

Answered: Framing Photos

A crafts store or specialist framing store. They'll be able to cut a window in the matte, the size of your picture for you, and help you choose the right stuff. Generally speaking, look for acid free materials which do not turn brown on exposure to light - eventually spreading to the photo. This is ...

Answered: Are wooden climbing frames safe?

when you say "wooden climbing frames", are you referring to swing sets or forts like children use? I have never heard the term wooden climbing frames and that is what came to mind. If you are talking about swing sets , they are very safe if they are installed properly. You just need to make sure ...

Answered: Are there digital photo frames that will accept ...

Grover, Yes, most of the newer digital photo frames now have a 5-in-one feature to read all types of memory cards. Check out Amazon-digital photo frames, and read the specs, Hope this helps, Rich
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Photo frame fell off a drawer

Either you have a vibration in your house, or you have a ghost trying to make their presence known.

Motorcycle frames by rowe machine co. i sent a fxr ...

FXR? What year? All Shovels fit the same mounts. That went from 1966 until 1988. That's when they went to Evo I believe. At least you have a simple swing arm frame. If you had a soft tail, the engine mounts will still bolt up any Evo but you have to do some tinkering to make a Shovel or Pan ...

What age children are climbing frames suited too?

In my opinion it totally depends on the kid and how big the climbing frame is. If they are very young keep an eye on them at all times. I let my daughter climb when she was barely one just making sure I'm close enough to stop her hurting herself.