what can throw off a paternity test?

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Answered: In the case of DNA testing, is the DNA of a grandfather the same as the

In the case of DNA testing of Bro T Man Tony's little black baby's, was the DNA of Bro T Man Tony the same as the DNA of the little black baby's? PRAISE, GLORY!!!!

Answered: Paternity test while woman is pregnent

Missy , Welcome to Yedda ! A great Place With Some Great People ! Gary999 , Thank You .

Answered: Paternity

Thanks a bunch!

Answered: What is the chance of a miscarriage if I have a pre birth DNA test done

Not sure but I'm guessing your gynecologist can tell you.

Answered: Who is offering DNA Testing in Oman? Paternity one.

Below is a link that offers paternity testing (the website is also available in Arabic as well). Hope this helps. http://www.easternbiotech.com/testreport.php
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