what can throw off a paternity test?

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Answered: In the case of DNA testing, is the DNA of a grandfather the same as the

In the case of DNA testing of Bro T Man Tony's little black baby's, was the DNA of Bro T Man Tony the same as the DNA of the little black baby's? PRAISE, GLORY!!!!

Answered: Paternity test while woman is pregnent

Missy , Welcome to Yedda ! A great Place With Some Great People ! Gary999 , Thank You .

Answered: Paternity

Thanks a bunch!

Answered: What is the chance of a miscarriage if I have a pre birth DNA test done

Not sure but I'm guessing your gynecologist can tell you.

Answered: Who is offering DNA Testing in Oman? Paternity one.

Below is a link that offers paternity testing (the website is also available in Arabic as well). Hope this helps. http://www.easternbiotech.com/testreport.php
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Can paternity test be done using baby teeth that have already fallen

No.The bones can be checked for maternity lineage as the test conducted is what is called mithocondrial dna ,and that is carried only by the mother line.But if you have hair follicles that is another story,then just as blood or saliva ,paternity dna can be checked. Alex

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