What can i use instead of a dildo to please myself?

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Answered: Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil

Yes. But remember olive oil will change the flavour of your cooking, and don't use extra virgin for frying etc. The cheaper pressings are as good but less strongly flavoured.

Answered: Can I use a phono lead instead of a digital coaxial lead

yes! technically you can! ---------------------------------------------- BINAURAL BEATS DIGITAL DRUGS

Answered: Whats the biggest dildo ever made?

There is no surprising fact about this bigger dildo approximately 14 inches. But surprising fact is who the user of that dildo was. As I am purchasing dildo from colorsandtoys.ca whose size is approximately between 6 to 7 inches.

Answered: I want to use butter instead of oil can I do that ...

can i use butter instead of vegetable oil in baking a lemon cake

Answered: Toll free number to use instead of 411 to get phone numbers

According to Snopes, there is such a free service. Call 1-800-FREE-411 or 1-800-373-3411. Hope that helps!

Answered: 76 yr mother having display problems on desktop

Kitt, I've already done both of your suggestions. It's something more complicated than that. I don't know and she doesn't know how it got the way it is. P#1 the "lock Taskbar" was the 1st place I looked. When I 1st looked at it her taskbar was on the far left side of the monitor, vertically. I got ...
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My deck is a year old and has never been treated ...

Yes power washing the deck is a very good idea. There are 2 ways to do this. 1. high pressure. This can cause damage to the wood. 2. Low pressure. Best and safest way to treat the wood then have it water sealed. Low pressure wood restoration involves more than high pressure on the wood. its a 4 step ...

Why do men like to see a dildo in there wife?

Hey gypsy, as you asked about the dildo I think men can say right answer of that question. But my husband offered me dildo that ordered from online store as colorsandtoys.ca for enjoying the sex moment in his absence.

Should I add one more to Mikey, Dykey and Dildo?

Lester, how stupid are you? You are on here 24 hours a day.Do you think everyone is stupid enough not to know that all you are doing is waiting for any anonymous to post then reply with your gay sick disgusting porn? You have the need to post because that is all you have in your life.

I have a sata raid encloser with 8 1tb hds on a 32 ...

If you will set up RAID 1+0 on all 8 HD, you will end up with 4TB of storage. There will be no performance increase if you split the RAID into 2 groups. If you are going to see only 2TB of space then you must split the RAID.