What can i use instead of a dildo to please myself?

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Answered: Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil

Yes. But remember olive oil will change the flavour of your cooking, and don't use extra virgin for frying etc. The cheaper pressings are as good but less strongly flavoured.

Answered: Can I use a phono lead instead of a digital coaxial lead

yes! technically you can! ---------------------------------------------- BINAURAL BEATS DIGITAL DRUGS

Answered: Larger Dildo Vs Me

Here's the thing most men don't realize. Unless you're far too large or small, most women just don't care about size. Just what you know how to do with it. And unless your dick happens to be made of hard rubber, a dildo is never going to feel like you.

Answered: Why do men like to see a dildo in there wife?

Hey Gypsey, did Dawg give you a good ah hum??? HAHAHAHA. Hey, hows old Jimmy?

Answered: I want to use butter instead of oil can I do that ...

can i use butter instead of vegetable oil in baking a lemon cake
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Does it hurt to use a dildo?

Use a small one. You control how deep it goes so it doesn't hurt. It can also prepare you for intercourse by getting you used to the feeling of penetration.

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