what can i take for a bad headache?

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Answered: Headaches

I don't know a cure but I know how you feel, I get them everyday.

Answered: What causes a headache?

People behave differently when they travel, and this increases the risk of some medical conditions in recent travellers for reasons sometimes unrelated to the location travelled to. This causes Headache may be more. Vacations and traveling are loads of fun, but sometimes all this fun can give you a ...

Answered: Exercise & Headaches?

Yes, you need to find out the source. They can be caused by hormones, thyroid, mercury fillings, using cell phones and other wireless technology.

Answered: I think my hair is giving me headaches

Why do you think this? Do you have braids or some other kind of hairstyle that may be tight at the roots?

Answered: Onesided headaches

I think what the doc was referring to was micro vessels in her brain that may be going through a spasm and giving her the headaches...she should see a neurologist if she has not already particularly if she is in good shape otherwise and wants to treat them

Answered: My symptoms are headache on the left side, missed or irregular menstural

The best thing you can do is see your doctor and get a checkup. You should also see your woman's doctor if you are having weird periods.
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Are there any specific foods/drinks aside from water which can help

For me getting a relief sipping/slurping Coca Cola or Pepsi slowly relieves headache. The drink have to hit the pallet of your mouth.

Can a sinus headache cause a pulsating pain in the temple area on one

If you have no other symptoms of a sinus headache and this pain is severe you might want to tell your doc..There is something called temporal arteritis that can cause this type of pain....good luck

Get headaches from laying on stomach

Let me research this and see if I can help.

Epidural for cronic headaches

I am not able to answer your question directly but I will tell you the best natural supplement that I have taken is called "NigraDefense" by KAL. It features a combination of Feverfew, Butterbur, Magnesium and White Willow. It has been very effective for me. I had daily headaches for many years. If ...