what can i put into my septic tank to disolve dog hair?

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Answered: Septic System Maintenance - What bacteria are contained in septic tank

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Answered: Im trying to find the second tank to my septic where could it be

The other septic tank may be underground on compound of your house. ASHWASTE Environmental LTD

Answered: How do you care for a septic tank? This is the ...

Add Bio-R each month, stop flushing toxic chemicals down the drain, add a solar powered aerator, and have it pumped now and then every 2-4 years.

Answered: Fiberglass septic tank baffle

Ashwaste Environmental Ltd. provide domestic, commercial and emergency waste disposal services in Essex and surrounding areas.

Answered: I have a 25 year old 1000 gal fiberglass septic ...

Lynn, I deal with many tanks, and have not seen any with a slanted baffle. There is no point. The baffle keeps your solids from the black water that should seep over and under the baffle. If it needs to be straightened it will need to be fixed in the correct position. This can be done with small ...

Answered: Should you use Natural Bacteria Additives in your septic system?

We maintain customer records on septic tank additive results at www.AmazonWebshops.com
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Septic tank pumping

It depends on the size of the septic tank and also on the company's price...!!! As per my opinion you need to go for the ashwaste to get a quotation for the septic cleaning..!!!!

Can liquid laundry detergent clog up a septic tank?

Not unless you were to put several hundred gallons in at one time.

Septic tank in bedroom closet

Not a good idea, it should be little bit far away from your home. In septic tank all the stuff stored which are not disposable....!! You can contact ashwaste for cleaning of the septic tank...!!

If a septic tank is not giving me a problem after 29 yrs should it be

If you are having no problems and feed your tank some yeast (just bakers yeast) weekly then why have it pumped? I know people who have had theirs pumped when no problems existed and then have been convinced to do it once per year. Mine has not been pumped in at least 24 years. You can convert all ...