what can cause sharp intermittent pain at the bottom left rib cage?

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Answered: What is a sharp pain in left arm

If you had only complained of a pain in the neck, we could have answered without further data. JayR

Answered: What causes a sharp frontal lobe pain when coughing

allergies does that to me or a sinus infection.

Answered: How common is rib pain during pregnancy and what causes it?

i would imagine that the main cause of rib pain would probably be the baby kicking, and the strain on your body as the baby grows. I think the best thing to do would be to mention it at your next doctors appointment, just to make sure it's nothing serious :) but i would imagine it's nothing to worry ...

Answered: Left Rib Pain

First thing make a doctors appt. CXR to rule out fractures or pneumonia or pleurisy. Then think within the last month what did you do different? Am going t hrough the same thing but longer and older. I only can think carrying a pup that is big up and down stairs. Training to walk her and pulling ...

Answered: Sharp brain waves in healthy brain

So she spent the night at the hospital and instead of asking the doctor, you come to AOL instead? Brilliant.

Answered: What causes pain mid back left side?

A possible cause for pain in back to one side is a kidney stone. The pain can be very severe. Pain could go away and come back. An Emergency Room can take an X-ray. Or you could see a urologist, who can decide which kind of X-ray is most useful.
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Due to coughing all the time I've got a constant pain in my rib. What can

Sounds like you have cronic bronchintis. See a Dr and get some meds. Once the cough goes away so will the pain. But they will probably tell you to quit smoking if you do smoke

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what can cause sharp, stinging pains in mt left armpit?

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