what can cause acidic bowel movements?

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Answered: I have dry bowel movements. The stool is large and ...

Increase your fiber and water, i drink at least 2, 8 oz glasses with every meal. Cut back on sugary drinks. You might also want to cut out processed foods like cheeses,frozen meals and start eating more healthy.

Answered: Does lactic acid cause arthritis?

Lactic Acid does not cause arthritis per se, as a direct connection. Lactic Acid can build up, for example, when you have exercised past your body's tolerance. The way to check is to try to speak while you are exercising; if you cannot carry on a simple conversation, you should take a break. If ...

Answered: I don't have a bowel movement but once a week and when I do My stomach

You should go see a GI doctor. Make an appointment right away or be referred by your primary care doctor.

Answered: Can it help uncontrolled bowel movements?

"Be sure to run the tape East to West and North to Sound to prevent side or end fecal escape." Now that's a sentence you don't see every day.

Answered: Www.WEB MD.com I have not had a normal bowel ...

Try Herbal laxative that has a mix of different herbs. Check this website: http://nutraprointl.com/2009/05/05/bowelrite/

Answered: What would cause my 71yr old husband to start making strange tongue

Either a neurological problem or the fact that he has started looking at porn on the internet. If you can rule out guess number two, then I suggest that you have him checked by a doc, probably a brain specialist.
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i loved the other answers too! we answerers should compete each other for the number one answerers to mouth crappers.

What causes irritable bowel syndrome and what are ...

I think there are many causes, things like stress, food additives, food allergies. We are all different so each case may have a slightly different cause. It is interesting that more people keep getting diagnosed. When I first had symptoms the name wasn't known! The things that helped me were ...

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a very weak acid, used to treat eye irritation and skin leisions. It is very soothing, and virtually non-reactive in the gut or serum. Bromide Sodium/Calcium is also a very weak alkali, known as an antacid that is virtually impossible to misuse even in very high concentrations.

What causes acid reflux to occur and how can I help try to prevent it?

common causes of acid reflux disease include: * Being over weight or obese * Eating a heavy meal and lying on your back or bending over at the waist * Snacking close to bedtime or lying down right after a meal * Taking aspirin or ibuprofen, some muscle relaxers, or certain blood ...