What can be done to prevent prejudice from occurring?

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Answered: How to overcome prejudice

Ji, --------- It's a very smart question. The best way to do it is stop and think (before any decision, opinion, statement..... etc): is it based on me being prejudist ? (and be brave enough to admit it and revise your decision / opinion / statement.....). I do it regularely (and in addition I ...

Answered: How does prejudice affect us?

If I listed all the wars that Democrats have started because they are ignorant cross burning fools it would make your head spin. Suffice that they caused every war we fought since the War of 1812.

Answered: An unknown failure occurred.

I have some questions for you:: "" i send a message to someones cell.."" Qu: How do you send a message to someones cell [phone??] USING:: "" aim "" ... ""ended of geting blue death screen "" think , What were you doing ? How did you do it ?, Have you done this thing BEFORE , that did ...

Answered: How soon does ovulation occur after childbirth?

It's really different and not all women are the same, and even one woman might react differently after each delivery. Breast feeding might prevent ovulation for a while, but by no means should be considered a guarantee against pregnancy.

Answered: Research paper on what can young people do to stop prejudice.

I volunteered in the summers at a school for humans with Down Syndrome! I did that for 6 years and it helped me acknowledge our lives can be very different from each other. It was fun to spend my summers with my friends!
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Are memetics reliable as a tool against prejudice?

Pedro, I would delight to comment on this idea intelligently, but memetics is a concept that leaves me in the dark. Please enlighten me. Prejudice is a concept that most of us have come to dread. "Pre-conceived notions" are great excuses for a failure to think things through. That is why radical ...

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