what cabinet positions held by muslims in the white housed by Muslims in the Obama Administration?new in the white house!?

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Answered: Housing plans

Before deciding a housing plan make sure you have enough budget to pay every month. Because it is very hard when problem come out and you have nothing in your pocket. So I suggest buy simple house to live. Source(s): http://diylandlording.com/

Answered: International Student Housing NYC?

Here you can know more about Student Housing NYC

Answered: Do you like Obama's cabinet members so far?

Every President that has come into that position especially the first (black American) like President Obama has the right to choose his cabinet members. Not only because of liking them but because he knows that they can do something and bring good news to Americans. We all just need to accept, hope ...

Answered: Employment Rises.........In the White House Law Room?

Quite sure that Obama needs all these new attorneys to research his defense - as a Usurper - held for TREASON and as a TRAITOR to our country. But seriously, he needs more lawyers to create a smokescreen - to appear as legalese - on his outrageous policies - while ripping our US Constitution to ...

Answered: Sen. Robert Byrd Criticizes Obama For "Power Grab"!

Senator Byrd is one the many old goats in Washington who should retire. I am sure his state needs another useless highway to nowhere so he must stay though. If all Byrd's assertions are true, my guess is that the presidents (previous and former) did it to avoid the slowness of bunch of lazy asses on ...
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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to Skip White House Dinner. Why?

It could well be because Jan Brewer does not eat dogs, or wish to be seen in the company of those who do so. That is certainly a matter of good taste (well, regardless that president Obama thinks that dogs have such a great flavor when properly cooked). Well, we have seen the New Three ...

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Poll Shows Faith in Government Plummets; Warning Signs for Republicans Emerge 17 hours ago 0 Comments Say Something » Text Size 36 30 8 6 Bruce Drake Contributing Editor Author Bio » Contact Author » Subscribe : While voters may have vented their anger at Washington in ...