what breed of horse is pie from national velvet?

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Answered: Horse kicked in front leg

Ok, so did you have a question or did you just want to tell us a horse was kicked?

Answered: How to put fly repellent on a horse

Pat I don't know if anyone has tried to help you with your problem with the fly spray but the easy way is to put it on a rag and wipe it on but start slow let them know what you are doing is not going to hurt them start on a place away from the face first like the side or back the ease to the face ...

Answered: The equine tooth fairy

I want the person that made the comment that only old sway back horses are the ones that need there teeth done is wrong I have many horses of all ages and even young horses need to have there teeth worked on just like us.there are many causes to problems. and to make the coment that you should just ...

Answered: What is the ideal body score for a 17 year old quarter horse mare

horses are hard to body score because eveyone seams to score different.what is a good score for one may be a low score to some one else.You just need to think of the health of that animal.To fat is bad and to thin is not good either. But if you think your horse has a problem with its wieght some of ...

Answered: Names of horses

Akhal Teke Alter Real Andalusian Appaloosa American Draft Cross Azteca Am I Missing any? American Walking Pony Australian Stud Saddle Pony

Answered: Why horses shake their head in a circle

to keep flies away
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How many breeds of horses are there?

There are hundreds and hundreds of horse breeds, and many more are being invented every year depending on the needs of breeders. The most popular breeds in the US are (in order of popularity) Quarter Horses, Arabians, Paint Horses, Thoroughbreds, and Appaloosas. In the UK it's probably something ...

Where can one purchase a Zhmudka horse?

We aim to please Namaste

How to tell if my horse is pregnant

First, look at the neck. Mares become pregnant and the neck contracts a bit. When fillies become pregnant (a rare occurrence) the neck becomes wider but not thicker. As the pregnancy continues, look toward the abdomen. The colt will expand her midline and make it difficult to set a girth strap ...

Why does this nation zoom keep taking over my home page

I order to remove Nation Zoom virus from your computer I recommend you to follow this guide - http://www.deletevirus.net/nation-zoom-malware-in-browser-how-to-remove-nationzoom-com/