what birthday present do you buy for a 88 year old woman who has most everything?

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Answered: I need decorations for a 88 year old birthday party

and if you're looking for affordable party supplies like plastic cups, food containers and cutlery sets.. visit this site, http://www.takeoutcutlery.com

Answered: How much can a 65 year old female expect to pay for car insurance

Each state and insurance company has its own insurance rates, you can compare your rates online here - autoinsurance.bebto.com

Answered: Birthday

It's been so long since I was 19 I can't even remember what a girl that age thinks is romantic. In my, considerably older case, I clean my house all spic and span, put fresh sheets on the bed, then invite a woman to the home place and prepare a very good dinner for her, after which we watch a movie ...

Answered: Present for 60th birthday

Anyway its hard to find a birthday presents for a 60 years old but I have something to offer for you why don't offer a personalised cards I guess that would be a good birthday gift idea.

Answered: I have great memories of childhood birthday ...

An old fashioned birthday party would be a great theme for a first birthday party and you can make it really lovely yourself. The 1st birthday party ideas that are big at the moment are ones that are personal to the family, but worth remembering that the theme for a first birthday party is all for ...

Answered: Clothing for 22 year old women

Clothes makes one's personality. For the 22 year old girl, dresses that a make a girl stylish and attractive. Then whatever she wear. If you still confused then go to excelclothing and be more confuse what to buy because you will get lots of clothing brand and size.
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