what bird has a yellow stripe on the bottom oh its tail?

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The average temperature at 7 km above the Earth's surface is around -20C and continues to fall with increasing height until 15 km is reached where there is a rising trend.

Answered: My 5 month old cockatoo's crop ruptured 2 nights ...

Your bird has gotten some food to hot,and its burned his crop. Usually have to have surgey to repair it.I know that you have to be careful about infection. We have had this happen to us in our hand feeding,just have to mix it good so theres no hot spots. I dont know if you could use that stretch ...

Answered: My rooster is loosing his tail feathers,why?

It is called molting. Happens in the Fall. Chickens,birds, insects, reptiles, etc. , cast or shed the feathers, skin, or the like, that is replaced by a new growth.

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Only a brain damaged idiot asks the same question 5 times in a row. Get a life!!
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"Yellow winged blackbird" ... we have them down south but don't see too many of them. The are shiny, they have yellow but a dab of orange by the yellow too. Rob

Mane n' Tail Shampoo

I've never tried it personally but know several women who do and they swear by it. Said their hair has never been in better shape. The ingredients in it are no more harsh than what's in your brand.

Name? small bird, mouse gray with white/gray belly, short tail. shaped

I was thinking a dark-eyed junco. http://www.suncountryfarms.com/birds/images/Dark%20Eyed%20Junco%20NS.jpg