what bird has a yellow stripe on the bottom oh its tail?

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Answered: My rooster is loosing his tail feathers,why?

It is called molting. Happens in the Fall. Chickens,birds, insects, reptiles, etc. , cast or shed the feathers, skin, or the like, that is replaced by a new growth.

Answered: Sudden death with birds green cheeks conures after ...

Only a brain damaged idiot asks the same question 5 times in a row. Get a life!!

Answered: Is it true that mane and tail horse shampoo is ...

My mom always got mane and tail and as I understood it it was really for people but it was safe enough to use on our house pet for a bath

Answered: Why do so many poops look like tails?

my dog has poop tail when he takes a dump and its or , i wont let him back inside until he looses it
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"Yellow winged blackbird" ... we have them down south but don't see too many of them. The are shiny, they have yellow but a dab of orange by the yellow too. Rob

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