what bird chirps at night in pennsylvania?

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Answered: Gabby good baby bird

The average temperature at 7 km above the Earth's surface is around -20C and continues to fall with increasing height until 15 km is reached where there is a rising trend.

Answered: I have a cockatiel bird and I think that at night ...

So I guess you have to catch the mouse and if you think the bird is injured see a vet.

Answered: Why bird chirps at night?

"Birds call to defend their territory and declare it 'theirs'. There are some birds that come out at night and call, although, if there are lights around that are on during the night (and also during times of sufficient moon brightness) mocking birds can be active at night. They're especially prone ...

Answered: Sudden death with birds green cheeks conures after ...

Only a brain damaged idiot asks the same question 5 times in a row. Get a life!!
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