what bible scripture its takes a village to raise a child?

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Answered: My husband and I are raising our 6 yr old grand ...

These may be behaviors she is learning in the after-school program. If this has just started, and you cannot pinpoint any other reason, look to see what is going on in that program. Ask her what she thinks of that program and the adults and other children that are in it. Listen carefully. I also ...

Answered: What does the longline represent in the niv bible

Do you mean the timeline that goes from creation to the authoring of Revelation?

Answered: What scripture tells us of a eagle speaking in the HOLY BIBLE

In revelations, those are cherubim's and Serphims , angels!

Answered: How many total scriptures by number are there in the King James bible?

Total scriptures? I only know there are 66 books 27 in the new testament and 39 in the old testament the new testament was finished around 90 ad.

Answered: Discipline for child

How old is the child? What is in the toilet? Is the water clean and the toilet flushed? Why would the parent want the child to remove the object?
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Only child

Lack of experience and lack of children. When they have the next child they start to go the other way, and by the time they get to number 3 or 4 they don't have the time or energy to spoil them.

How can I help my introverted daughter?

I am an introvert too, but so is my mom. Middle school was the hardest for me as I just couldn't fit in. My interests were the exact opposite of the entire school or so it seemed. Teachers made it worse and made me feel like there was something wrong with me. Thank God for my mom she stuck by me and ...

Is marriage a sense of security about raising ones children?

Children do better in all areas, except criminal stuff, when raised in a stable homes with both parents present and involved in child rearing.