what bass does finbar of finbar bass use?

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Answered: Manufacture date for Gibson EB3 Bass guitar, serial number 958549

it's before 1977 http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx

Answered: Bass Headphone???

Today's music has an amazing bass emphasis. Even country music has bass-heavy songs. For electronic, pop and hip-hop music listeners, a pair of great bass headphones is crucial. When choosing bass headphones, consider the following: · Controlled bass · Style · Durability · Comfort · Easy to drive ...

Answered: Kay bass #37299 When was this Bass made

if you still have the box it came in or even on the back of the bass it should tell you a date. If you can email me at sheri7481@aol.com and tell me the # of the bass. It should be a 6 dig. number or maybe you can tell me what line it came from IE. Signature or just mary kay. I would be more then ...

Answered: Bass Fishing

Minnesota and Texas are okay, but so are Wisconsin, Missouri, and Arkansas. The best bass fishing is however in California. The Escondido, California area to be exact. Now you ask why, and those who said other states bark at their computers and call me names. The state of California has stocked the ...

Answered: Fender Precision Bass Guitar

The serial number indicates that your bass guitar was made somewhere between 1999 and 2000. Its American made, so depending on the condition you may get anywhere from £500-£800. If its a special run or deluxe series you may get more than that... Hope this helps!

Answered: Electric bass gospel run. I learning to play ...

You Tube anything with Andrew Gouche. Can't lose. Bozz on bass
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LOL! I remember "doing the deed" on Outlaw's Grave! You are a pip!

What are the best kind of rod and reels for bass fishing?

You will want a rod that is both flexible and durable. Therefore, a good choice would be a 6 1/2- to 7-foot long, medium heavy to heavy rod. An easy reel for beginners is a spinning reel. A spinning reel is an open-faced fishing reel with a bail. You flip the bail while holding the line and cast ...

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Need this site for getting outstanding result:- http://store.bodybuildingfactory.com/

Bass spawn?

Yes in the spring, but particularly in June. They will be eating during April and June to fatten up for the spawn. In June the male will fan the bottom of the lake to clear an area for a female to spill her eggs into. You will be able to look down and see those cleared spots. The males and females ...